Stress Tips and Dealing with Stress

You are one very lucky person, if you have never been stressed in your life. Please let me know if that is you, as I’d love to learn stress tips from you! I have to a certain extent learnt how to deal with stress, but only when it starts to well up and rear its ugly head from within. So here are the 7 stress tips that keep me sane!

One of the good ones on how to deal with stress, is to take a bit of time for yourself to meditate, listen to music or even have some binaural beats on an MP3 player. You can sit on the lavatory at work and de-stress there or just put your head-set on and listen to it at your desk or where ever you work.

Another great tip on how to deal with stress is to take fifteen minutes out to meditate. This can be done by going into a quiet room, sitting alone in the toilet at work for fifteen minutes to de-stress, or my favorite way, which is listening to relaxing music combined with binaural beats to train my brain to relax on my MP3 player, wherever I am.

Binaural beats work subliminally, so you don’t even know that it’s working, until it has. Another stress tip that is related to this form, is subliminal messaging where relaxing or stress relieving messages flash up on your computer screen very fast, so you don’t really notice they are there, but your brain is taking everything in and you will notice the benefits.

A much friendlier one of these stress tips, is to help some one out, take a bit of time and give some one a hand, help an old lady across the road. Doing a good deed can make you feel good within yourself, so relieving the stress of the day.

One way many people use to deal with stress is physical exercise. Jogging off the stresses of the day, taking it out on a squash ball, or doing weights down the gym are many peoples method of choice on how to deal with stress in their lives.

Along with the fitness bit, comes the change in diet, a lot of people do not realize that what they are eating is making them unhappy. Not exactly the quickest way to relieve stress, it does work and will benefit your body in the long run.

Ever heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”, well whoever thought of that, had to be the least stressed person in the world, as long as they listened to their own advice. So read something funny, watch something funny or do something funny and feel the stress wash away.

If you already have your own way of how to deal with stress, then that’s great, but if not then try one of these and see how it goes. You never know, using these few stress tips may surprise you and improve your life a bit at the same time.

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